Sailent Features of Our Organization

1. Security personal trained in our institute and qualified in security, fire fighting and first aid only will be provided.

2. Security personnel are selected from Ex. servicemen who are of exemplary record and suitable educated youth specially trained at par with our security norms.

3. Man power provided is of reliable, honest, punctual and brave.

4. All movements including incoming/outgoing materials as well as personal shall be controlled by Security staff at Main Gate.

5. Around clock office attendance and the office is fully fledged with competent managers and staff.

6. The problems shall be solved immediately on hearing.

7. Maintaining high regard Courtesy/hospitality towards the client and his customers.

8. Carrying out surprise checks during the night times.

9. To insure customer satisfaction.

10. To provide consistent quality of security force services

11. Insurance/workmen compensation to our personal.


As per the state/central/Govt direction to Gazette notification from time to time, minimum wages will be claimed together with other elements of statutory requirement, Admin charges & Tax etc.

Mode of Payment

Through Demand Draft or local cheques on monthly billing amount shall be paid in advance.

Holidays/ National Holidays

As per the agreement, 8 hours duties shall be performed by our security personal. We shall claim 8 days national/public holidays during the calendar year.


Any security staff formed found:

Absent from duty

Sleeping while on duty

Found negligent, disobedience, misbehaviour

Involved in any illegal activities which are deter mental to the interest of organization. We shall take immediate action to replace such one immediately. Also, Guards will be replaced if necessary on the instructions from the client.


Security staff will be displayed as per our survey report to the companies based on their recommendations also.


Both Security Agency & the client shall conclude a contract for a period of one year and more from the date of deployment. The contract can be terminated by giving one month notice by either side.

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